…If you’re like me, you have concerns about the rapidly changing world we share. From issues in broad categories as government, economy, religion, health, and science, we have listened to and read numerous stories covered by mainstream and independent/alternative media sources. We notice the contradictions, the blatant corruption amongst our most esteemed leaders and the consequences we pay for that corruption. Frustrated, worried, curious and even angry,  we set out to learn the truth ourselves. It is my aim to provide yet another source for inquiring minds to understand the issues that either directly or indirectly affect us all. It is NOT my goal to sway your opinion, but to provide information from reputable and/or knowledgeable sources in order for you to come to your own conclusion. It is for this reason I will try to funnel conflicting views into this blogsite so that informed, intelligent opinions can form.

Please be patient as I go through the options and designing of this blogsite. I have only just started this site so there may be only limited content. Any articles, studies, or other sources of information that you think would be important enough to post, please leave a comment or reference to it. Thanks!


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  1. Thanks for posting my latest article, “Darwin’s diabolical delusions”. Feel free to post any of my other articles on my new blog @ http://www.EllisWashingtonReport.com.


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