When, in US history, racial/social division was pushed through laws, popular science and entertainment–these times were the height of a general conditioning of the public to accept and normalize the subjugation of a group of people. Even though the civil rights movement accomplished great things, after the “official” abolishing of slavery, a precedent was set. We already were a nation founded on equality… “liberty and justice for all”–but it didn’t really mean “all” until the government GRANTED it. What it really means is, no PERSON is legally able to enslave another or claim superiority over another based on physical traits or beliefs etc., but because it took an act of government to “make it so,” it really just shifted the slave ownership from rich plantation-owners to the state itself, imposing on the “newly freed” slaves to be dependent on government for their freedom, which really wasn’t freedom at all.

My point is, this precedent, whereby the government is the giver of freedom–not our Creator, not because we are human beings with inalienable rights–but because the state grants us rights, we have all become EQUALLY DEPENDENT on the state for those rights! Once that precedent was set, government has been able to take them away tiny bits at a time, and over time, setting more precedences along the way until now. Now, we all know and can see that it is more obvious that our “Constitutional Rights” can be legislated away or “infringed” upon. People have every reason to finally pay attention to politics and what’s really going on but they’re cleverly distracted, again, by racial/social division on a much grander scale.


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