NaturalNews publishes Rawesome Foods raid search warrant; reveals government agents violated search guidelines

(NaturalNews) The recent act of government-sponsored terrorism against Rawesome Foods in Venice, California was authorized by a woman named Michelle LeCavalier. She signed the warrant which stated that she believed there was property at Rawesome Foods that was “used as the means of committing a felony.” (What, the raw cheese? Did someone cut the cheese and cause a silent-but-deadly felony nuisance?)

The warrant goes on to state that the law enforcement agents should search “all rooms, attics, refrigerators, freezers… purses, wallets, briefcases and vehicles of both James Stewart (Rawesome Foods) and Sharon Palmer (Healthy Family Farms).”

The warrant also grants them the permission to inspect, copy and even seize all computer files, video camera files, audio recording files and all the data of all computers.

Additional items to be seized, as described in the warrant, include:

• Any evidence of “interstate transportation” (so they can charge these people with felony FEDERAL crimes).

• All membership agreements of their current members (customers); this way they can intimidate customers, too.

• Documents concerning the Right To Choose Healthy Foods (RTCHF) organization, which fights for food freedom at (the government is going after these advocacy groups, too, with their terrorist tactics).

• All tax records (so they can try to find some tax error and then charge them with federal tax fraud).

• All real estate transactions, billing records, purchasing records and club records.

• All emails, receipts, cash register data, credit cards receipts, inventory records and so on.

• All computers and electronic devices. The warrant shows that government terrorists stole both Dell and Apple computers from Rawesome.

• All address books, telephone numbers, contacts, client lists, business cards, etc. This is so the government terrorists can contact Rawesome Foods customers and then conduct illegal raids on their homes for buying “contraband” raw milk.

… and a lot more, including prescription medication bottles, employment records, keys and much more. Read the warrant yourself at:…

Government terrorists destroy entire Rawesome Foods inventory

The warrant also states that “various samples of any food products present may be taken for laboratory analysis.” But this, of course, is not what happened at all. Instead of taking a few samples, the government terrorists from the LA County Dept. of Agriculture poured all the milk down the drain, then stole all the vegetables, fruits, cheese and eggs and loaded them up into a truck and drove away, leaving Rawesome Foods completely empty.

In other words, they stole or destroyed the ENTIRE INVENTORY of Rawesome Foods! (We have photos to prove this and will be posted them soon…)

They also made off with over $4,500 in cash belonging to the owner James Stewart.

This destruction, of course, was an act of terrorism, not the carrying out of a search warrant. This is why I am accurately referring to these people as government-sponsored terrorists.

The signatures of the Property Clerk, Agent and Supervisor on the warrant are all completely illegible, obscuring their names (government terrorists don’t want to be identified by name, so they make sure their names are unreadable).

The only name legible on the warrant is Michelle LeCavalier, whose office failed to return our repeated phone calls. (We spoke with the public affairs department and asked for a return call to get a statement. No return call has yet been received.)

Who is Michelle LeCavalier?

I want to know who this state employee is and why she is engaged in authorizing acts of terrorism against innocent citizens of California. Attempts to find out more about LeCavalier have so far failed, although NaturalNews has confirmed that she is a California state employee who worked under the Dept. of Health at one point.

If you have any information about Michelle LeCavalier, or a link to an online photo of her, please let us know. This woman needs to be held accountable for her role in authorizing acts of government terrorism against the People.

A government out of control

What this Rawesome Foods raid demonstrates is the depths of the evil of Big Government and its incessant desire to enslave the people by denying them their natural born rights. We are watching a criminal, terrorist government engage in acts of war against innocent small business owners who are serving an important public interest by providing health-enhancing, wholesome and non-processed foods to members of the public. This is a service that should be lauded, not targeted for termination.

This combination of government thugs from both California and the federal government have maliciously carried out the following crimes:

• The KIDNAPPING of James Stewart and Sharon Palmer.

• The THEFT of cash from Rawesome Foods.

• The DESTRUCTION of private property by destroying all the raw food products at Rawesome Foods.

• The HACKING of computers and electronic devices found at Rawesome Foods.

• The CONSPIRACY to commit the above acts, of which Michelle LaCavalier is perhaps the most guilty.

And why did the government commit these heinous crimes against innocent people? Did Rawesome Foods harm anyone? Nope.

Did any customers complain about Rawesome Foods? Not at all. Customers LOVE the place!

Did Rawesome Foods place public health at risk in any way? Certainly not. Raw milk is healthier than dead, processed, pasteurized milk.

So WHY did the government decide to target this business for its planned acts of terrorism designed to destroy its business operations and imprison its owners? Because the government wants to take away your access to real food!

Just as the FDA is now trying to take away your access to nutritional supplements through its new NDI regulations (…).

Big Government actively seeks to destroy health and freedom

Under the leadership of President Obama, you see, the U.S. government is now in the business of destroying public health, unleashing genetically modified organisms across the country (…) and denying your right to choose your own food or medicine!

Julie Bass, the Michigan gardener, was recently threatened with 93 days of jail for growing tomatoes in her own front yard (…).

A farmer in Missouri, Armand Bechard, has been threatened by authorities there for selling raw milk (…).

Amish farmers have been threatened multiple times for producing raw milk on their own family farms

What’s clear from this pattern is that our government is out of control and a serious threat to food freedom in America. If we don’t reign in this runaway rogue government, we are all going to end up as junk food mind slaves with no freedoms at all (and no health, either).

I’m surprised these goons in California even bothered with a warrant. Why not just throw the Fourth Amendment out the window and raid the store without a warrant? It’s all lawless and criminal anyway. The fabricated warrant only serves to slap the illusion of “right” on a document that’s being used by a criminal government to terrorizesmall business owners and drive honest folks out of business.


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