Chin Up

We see the headlines in the news and many feel the realities of what is being covered by the media, alternative and mainstream, but even more are able to ignore the issues because they aren’t directly affected…yet. When we leave our houses in the morning (or whenever) and see the same scenery we always have, it is easy to feel like there is a great distance between ourselves and what we see going on in say, Egypt, Greece or Japan. Modern technology has connected people across the world so that business, government, science, media etc. of many nations are woven together. We aren’t as far away from chaos caused by a failing economy, corrupt government, or a natural disaster as we think. What we don’t want to do is, with eyes wide open, let despair overwhelm us. Yes, we are living in a strange time, where horrible things are carried out and planned behind closed doors that affect us all. But knowing that the power of the people is useless unless we spread awareness, can drive us to keep going. I don’t care how much money and power the globalist elite have at their disposal, they are greatly outnumbered by ‘the people.’ When enough people are wronged by the same core of criminals who work behind the scenes to corrupt and manipulate our governmental system and economy, we will see the backlash. We are already seeing this backlash in isolated incidents around the world. More and more people are waking up to the truth, and those of us who know and continue to learn but aren’t doing anything yet, need to get connected, get organized, decide how to tackle these issues, and do it.


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