Fluoride in water has to go, says doc

Londoners should urge city council to put warnings on water bills for parents not to use fluoridated tap water to make baby formula, a scientist leading the charge against fluoride told a packed room Wednesday night.

About 370 people turned out at the Wolf Performance Hall at the Central library to hear Dr. Paul Connett present his research. A dozen more were turned away because of lack of space.

Connett said it was the largest audience he had spoken to on fluoride anywhere in the world.

READ MORE AT:  http://www.lfpress.com/news/london/2011/03/02/17473746.html

The free talk, dubbed The Case Against Fluoride, was organized by a group of people who believe fluoride is unsafe and shouldn’t be in drinking water.

Even before the talk began, tempers flared as two men on opposite sides of the issue argued outside, before security interfered.

Calling it a “poor medical practice” to fluoridate water, Connett told the crowd there was no measure of how much people were consuming of the toxic substance through their drinking water and other sources.

“If you put something in the water, you have to protect everyone. If you can’t protect everyone, you shouldn’t put it in the water,” he said.



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