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There are people with an insatiable thirst for the truth and there are those who feel safer not knowing. While avoiding the issues that demand our attention is easier, less distressing and often more in line with the self-serving culture of today, it is arguably very dangerous.

 Justice-minded journalists worldwide do what they can to make honest information available. Journalists have to compete for your attention and trust. While competition between trustworthy journalists is fine and good, it is the false reports, disinformation, propaganda, and blatant lies that these journalists must compete with the most. With access to news from innumerable sources these days, most people, if they care about current events at all, lazily watch, listen to and read the mainstream news as if it were gospel truth. Often, unfortunately, this is about as useful as avoiding the issues altogether. 

It is important to be informed, to be aware, and to act accordingly when action is called for. The ‘out of sight, out of mind’ tactic becomes your folly in any number of emergencies and when an increasingly oppressive and corrupt government works hand-in-hand with the world’s richest to kill, steal, and destroy. If worldwide and local issues aren’t affecting you directly yet, they will, and it won’t be long. Will you be in the know? Will you be prepared? Or will your world come crashing down around your ears before it’s too late to learn why? Ignorance is NOT bliss.

I believe that everyone owes the journalists, who risk their lives and reputations to make important information available to us, a debt of gratitude. While we may have to weed through a considerable amount of garbage to get real info, the truth is out there, and it begs to be known.

It pays to know your enemies, to be familiar with their agenda and affiliations so that you can make informed decisions  to protect yourself and your family. GM foods, nuclear radiation, governmental disregard for basic human rights, and the moral decline of society threatens us on a daily basis, whether we notice it yet or not. It’s time to notice.

A free society is easily corrupted when its people neglect their responsibility for it. Leaders in all facets of society such as government, media, industry and trade increasingly avoid accountablility and instead are allowed to continue on as too many people look the other way…


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