Air Force Academy Creates ‘Worship Space’ for ‘Earth-Centered Community’

The United States Air Force Academy has created a “worship space” on campusfor the “Earth-Centered Community,” which, according to the Air Force, includes among other denominations the Wiccans, Druids, Heathens and Pagans.

Col. Robert Bruno, chaplain at the Air Force Academy, told that the academy created the space in response to a request from a few service members and cadets who belong to the Earth-Centered Community.

“In the Summer of 2009, a small group of Earth Centered Airmen and cadets requested the support of the Chaplain Corps at USAFA to accommodate their religious requirements,” Bruno said in an e-mail to

“Our constitutional options are to either directly provide that support or facilitate it,” said Bruno. “Since none of the chaplains represents any of the Earth Centered traditions, direct support was not an option.  Therefore, we facilitated it through an outside endorsing agency whose staff are subject matter experts in Earth Centered traditions.” 



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